Drive Thru Difference

Let’s face it….we live in a world full of challenges and it is hard for so many people. Our mission at DeRidder Church of the Nazarene is to reach people so that they may begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. As a Church in Beauregard Parish we are trying to reach the unchurched and as part of our Drive Thru Ministry we are asking you to become of that difference to those you might not ever meet.

We are asking you to make a difference for someone today by doing something so simple. It is what we call making a Drive Thru Difference. When your at your favorite drive thru simply look in your rear view mirror and decide to treat the person behind you to their meal. That’s right. Just pay their bill and show a little kindness. You will be amazed how empowered you will feel.

To get started, download a Drive Thru Difference Note (PDF) (right click on the link and choose save as). Print it out, even a few copies, and take it with you when you go about your day. When you want to make a difference let the drive thru cashier know that you want to pay for the persons meal behind you, hand them the note and ask them to give it to the car behind you. It is a great note to let them know you cared and it is perfect opportunity to introduce them to DeRidder Church of the Nazarene…and maybe, introduce them to Jesus Christ.

You can be the stranger in the car ahead of them, and at the same time show them the Love of Christ! Will you make a difference today in the life of someone at a Drive Thru